Costa Rican Border Crossing

Left Managua, Nicaragua at noon. Reached San Jose at around 8PM. The border crossing didn’t take too long. The officials didn’t even bother checking our bags. It was the same case of singling out the tourist-looking-people out of the inspection queue., and asking us to board the bus again.

There isn’t much paper work or money to pay when crossing from Nicaragua into Costa Rica. But the immigration officials in Costa Rica might ask you for a return ticket out of Costa Rica or an ongoing ticket through the country. All this rests on the luck of the draw as some immigration officials don’t even look at you and simply hand stamp your passport. I was not so fortunate. The officer asked me for a return ticket. Fortunately I had an ongoing ticket from Costa Rica to Panama.

If you do happen to find yourself without any sort of itinerary out of Costa Rica, don’t worry. Worst case, you can always purchase a ticket out of Costa Rica from the TICA bus officer. 



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