Leon to Managua, Nicaragua

If you ever find yourself in Leon, Nicaragua, chances are you´re going to have to head to Managua, either to catch a bus or a flight out of the busy capital city.

There are various ways to get from Leon to Managua, but the most economical and fastest way is to take one of the microbuses from the main bus terminal located next to the market North of the city. I made the mistake of buying a ticket through TICA bus, which basically was the biggest rip-off.

TICA bus charged me $8 for the ticket to Managua, which included a pick-up service to from our hostel to the bus station. I was expecting a TICA shuttle van or bus, and was thoroughly disappointed when the taxi dropped us off in front of a micro bus, the bus we would’ve taken had we arranged our travels ourselves.

The taxi from the hostel to the bus station, costs $1. The ticket from Leon to Managua via the microbus costs $2. So all in all, the trip from our Hostel to Managua would’ve cost $3, but TICA charged us $8.

So you have been warned. It is best to arrange the transportation yourself. It’s not too difficult (even if you don’t speak a word ofSpanish), and it’ll save you an extra $5.



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