Where there be Pirates!

Truth be told, we haven´t really been using the Lonely Planet travel guide as much as other travelers do. This is namely becuse the book is about 7 years old, and almost entirely out-of-date.

But there was an interesting excerpt in the guide about this lonely little fishing town that used to be quite an important port back in the days of pirates, simply due to its prime location as a crossway between the Pacific and Caribbean Sea.

The town of Portabello, being less than a 2 hour bus ride from Panama City, made it to our list of ´places to check out.´

In order to get to our destination, we took a bus headed for Colon from the Albrook Terminal. Because every single travel book we´ve managed to get our hands on advised against traveling into Colon at night, we got off at Sabanitas, a town about 10 km outside of Colon, where we took a bus out to Portobello.

The bus ride from Sabanitas to Portobello was about an hour. By the time we pulled into the sleepy town of Portobello, it was close to 9PM. We hopped off the bus, and walked about 50m up the hill to Captain Jack´s, the only hostel in the town.

Beds go for $11, which includes clean linens, but that´s about it. Everything, including internet, laundry, and water is extra.

The hostel itself is quite decent. Clean rooms. Decen bathroom.s. My only qualms about the place, besides its expensive price, was the fact that the dorm rooms were located in the basement. Gives the place a gloomy vibe.


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